I Believe

that art and fashion are tools to change the world. They are departure points for shifting our perspective on cherishing the environment, living healthy & well, and choosing with intention to choose less. Everything I create is crafted to enhance your lifestyle with beauty and a connection to nature, so you can choose that special thing that you love, keep it & cherish it for many years.

  • indigo dyes shibori technique patterns on a silk kimono blue and white zig zags and dot print pattern


  • natural dye

  • blue and white indigo dyed bandana with shibori circles and dote print pattern in square shape


  • eco printing


natural dye


eco printing

Art to Wear

Each piece from the Natural Dye collection is hand made, using foraged and harvested natural materials, most from the ranch around the studio. Every piece is a totally unique hand-crafted piece of ART. If you want to express the special individual you are and are Interested in conscious and slow fashion and trying to make sense of all the environmental issues around “ fashion” - your answer is here.